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Blockchain Smartphone – Exodus – to be priced at $1000

Blockchain Smartphone – Exodus – to be priced at $1000

HTC, the manufacturer of a high-end Android smartphone, in May, had announced a surprise gift for cryptocurrency community – a blockchain technology based smartphone named Exodus. After the initial announcement of the unique gadget, the company has now announced that the device would be priced $1000.

Decentralised tech phone

The manufacturers have been focused on positioning the latest gadget from the HTC stable as the first of its kind blockchain technology phone. The principle on which the Exodus will operate, according to company announcements is that it will become the “first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security.

The key factors of this smartphone are that it will have a fail-proof hardware system to deal with the constant threats of intrusion, crypto-jacking and other crimes common to cryptocurrency trading platforms.  Exodus will become the platform which will bring traders together enabling Peer to peer trading. More importantly, it will not be operating on cloud infrastructure and thus minimizing exposure to third-party intrusions.

HTC’s Decentralisation technology is headed by Phil Chen, and this Chief Officer said that he expects the cryptophone to be available in markets by last half of 2018. He said that the price of the special phone would be announced tentatively in the third quarter.

He did, however, share that the price would be as per base market prices. The only one other phone in this category on the anvil is Sirin Lab’s Finney. The manufacturer of Exodus competitor phone has already announced that it will price its dual-screen smartphone at $1,000.

According to Chen, the device is expected to be “a great opportunity to empower the user to start owning their digital identity.

However, Chen’s comments have also indicated that a full-fledged cryptophone is likely to be available much later than current expectations. In the meanwhile, it is likely that the company will bring out other versions of a smartphone which will operate in the cryptocurrency world. These variant phones may include limited features such as crypto wallets. On HTC phones, these wallets would be supported by CryptoKitties. By HTC comments, the cyber wallet is expected to be the first ‘cold wallet.’


This wallet is a blockchain technology wallet which appears to have a policy of fun in crypto trading. It is a popular game based wallet which permits players to purchase not coins but virtual cats. These are available in various breeds in various types.

However, HTC is reticent about the exact features and specifications on Exodus. Chen has, however, stated that it will run on blockchain technology and will be shipped overseas, except China. Chen also justified the non-availability of Exodus in the Chinese market as, the latter was considered to be a difficult market as “different rules, everywhere from regulations to how Android even works,” is difficult to overcome.

HTC is expected to announce the day of release of a new Android phone on a different platform, such as Blockchain technology soon. The exception, however, will be that the smartphone will be empowered for cold storage of virtual coins.

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